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IpicoWiz online

IpicoWiz is a very powerful solution to do event management with IPICO equipment. We provide an additional license on top of the base IpicoWiz license called the IpicoWiz online license that extends the reach of IpicoWiz to include options that are based upon using the internet:

  • connecting to remote readers
  • displaying solutions on a remote screen
  • display results live on our results.splittime.nl website

The last option is the most important reason for most of our customers to use the license. it allows anyone to look up information live, with information on remote checkpoints and finish information. The website normally updates information within 1,5 sec! You will be able to see someone cross the finish mat and see his official results online before he comes to a standstill.

In itself that is very nice, but with minimal knowledge of html you will be able to show the information on your own webpage (embed the information in “geek” talk :-). The language that makes up web pages (html) allows for this by default:

The real “code” is anything in between the <iframe> and </iframe> tags, all the rest is to make this example actually look like a real web page. The code of the ifram is eay to understand: height tells the system how high the iframe schould be, width on how wide and source (src) is the link to the page you actually want to show. This last piece of information you can easily cut-and-paste from you browser if you visit the results page.

A lot of webpages these days are made with content management systems like wordpress. Luckily systems like wordpress also allow you to embed an ifram, but you will have to install an  iframe plugin first. As soon as this is activated you can add code like this anywhere on your pages:

The result of this line is:

Other content management systems will probably also allow you to be able to embed information from other web pages.